Updates for February 1999!

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Okay, finally got to update this month! Anyway today I put up two new pictures of Jason Behr in Dawson's Creek, I added a useless fact, I changed something on the Guestbook signing page, I updated the BSB discography, I updated the credits, and I started my "Site of the Week" feature on my main page. Finally I replaced Emilia with Shania Twain on the Music Artists Poll, because she has no votes so far. Sorry. Anyway out of fairness, I am advancing Shania one vote, the lowest anyone else has got. In case you actually have the right font for this page, and are wondering why the apostrohes aren't showing up, that's because this font doesn't have them. But since most people are using Times New Roman or something else, I thought it best to leave the apostophes in. If you don't have the font 1979, follow the link at the bottom of the page to my fonts page. Anyway that's all I updated today!


Yay! For the first time since the beginning of the awards show season, one of the subjects of one of my pages won an award. And I didn't even know... Oh well. Anyway Dawson's Creek won a TV Guide Award, so that's up now, in the new Awards section...

That's it for today!



I'm really excited today because Eddie Mills made his first appearance on Dawson's Creek last night, two weeks before I expected, but good enough!

Anyway today i updated The X-Files and Friends pages with TV Guide Awards/Nominations, the All Saints page with a lot of info and there's basically stuff there now (yay)(A huge thanks to MuchMusic), Push A Little Farther with the Eddie Mills/Dawson's Creek Info, And The Dawson's Creek page with the same!


Hi again!

Sorry these updates are less often, and less in them, but i'm too busy lately....

Anyway today I put up a picture of EDDIE MILLS in DAWSON'S CREEK! Sorry about the caps, I'm just excited. Anyway so that's in the Push Picture Gallery. And I put a link to a page about Dennis Pennis on the Push page (He played Bryce Hartland). Also I updated the Dawson's Creek pages, with some storyline info, as well as guest stars...

That's about it!


A couple of page milestones first of all; on Saturday I believe, the Push Picture Gallery hit 3000, and yesterday the main page (yay!) hit 2000. In case you didn't know the main page was the original page that I made, so it's my little baby...

Anyway Today I added pictures of the All Saints (individual pics), and I put up the TV Guide Internet Choice Award Winners on the DC, Friends and X-Files pages, as well as adding some useless facts.


Today I put up a section for the music featured on Push


Today I updated the BSB Discography, and the Alanis and BSB news/info. Quite upset Alanis didn't get featured on the Grammy Nominees album, better luck next year I guess.....


Big page landmark a few days ago: Still my most popular page, the Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Lyrics page hit 5000 a few days ago!!

Today I updated the storylines/character info on the X-Files and Dawson's Creek pages. I also made little updates to the Push page.


Today I made a couple little updates to the Push character page, and I added a whole lot of Friends Guest Stars and Supporting Cast. I also put up a new Website of the week (I know it's been more than a week...)


Wow it's almost March....

Anyway I Put up a link on the Alanis page to download an amazing live version of Your House and to Pre-Book Canadian Concert Tickets (ninth row baby!!!)....

And I also continued to update the Friends Guest/Supporting Stars (There are a LOT of them!!)


Today I put up the March 1999 Updates page.

As a result the Site Map is updated, and the fonts page. I also did some more updates on the Friends supporting/guest cast. In addition, I put up the Brit Award Winners on the Alanis and All Saints pages. And that's about it!!!


Whew big updates today.

First of all, I FINALLY finished the All Saints page. I know I said to wait 'til the summer, but it's done early!! Well pretty much anyway. So it's no longer "Under Construction"...

Anyway I put a counter on the March updates.

I put up a page for some of my favourite quotes. So it's up there now... As a result I updated the site map.

Finally I updated the Backstreet page with some album news.

And that's it!!


Lots more updates today!

First off I added and removed one or two links on the All Saints page.

I added a link on the Dawson's Creek page.

I added a quote, as well as a counter onto the Quotes page.

And a huge update: I put up a page for the lyrics to Backstreet Boys' forthcoming release "Millennium". I also added lyrics to two of those songs, as well as updating some of the news etc., and moving some lyrics from other places to the Millennium page. So the Unreleased page, is only unreleased songs, but the Millennium page has songs from Millennium and from some singles etc..

So a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Aundrea Marsh for all her information and help.

Anyway as a result of that I updated the site map, and that's it!!!!!


Today I updated the Links; I added the lyrics to I Need You Tonight on the BSB Millennium lyrics page; I put the music polls on the SFIJ Lyrics page; I updated the DC characters page; and I (Finally) finished with the Friends guest stars (so Many of them!!!!!).

That's it!!!


All right all the updates for the past few days are going up at once. I didn't get to post any of the updates for Wednesday 'cause I was watching the Grammies...

Anyway So I updated the quotes, I Fixed something on the SFIJ Lyrics page, and I put up the Grammy Winners on the Alanis and BSB pages. Congratulations to Alanis for her amazing performance and winning of two grammies on Wednesday.

That's all!


First off, the Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery hit 1000 a few days ago...

Anyway Today I added a picture of Eddie Mills on Dawson's Creek to his picture gallery. I also put up the winners of the Grammy that the X-Files was up for. I updated some Alanis news etc. On the useless facts page I listed all the Canadian Grammy Winners this year. I finished updating all the Friends production info etc. And Finally I started on the X-Files Production Info etc.

And that's it!!


Last Update of the month...

Anyway Today I Added almost 15 pictures of Eddie Mills and Jason Behr on Dawson's Creek to those Push Picture Galleries (Thanx to michelle-williams.com). I also added a link to a site about the shut-down of MIDI sites etc. on the main page amongst all the banners and webrings etc. And finally I put up the X-Files SAG Award nominations on that page.... The Friends Nominations will be up soon.

ANd that's it for this month, come visit me at my March page!!


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